Trust and Discretion are our cornerstones. 

Kikentai Photography provides public and private photography services for women.  Our sessions include working with professional models, aspiring models, or individuals looking for an empowering shoot for themselves or that special someone.  We never publish, or even show our shots to anyone, other than our clients, without permission. When you shoot with us, not only will you get great shots for all your needs, but you can be certain the shots you get are personal and private. 

Our shoots may take place in our commercial studio, outside, a well decorated suite, or, in some cases, exotic locations on beaches, in deserts, or in front of scenic locations all across the U.S.  If you have a location in mind, let us know.  Otherwise, we will determine the location based on weather and availability.

Our Gear is Made to Get Great Photos Any Where and Any Time

We use only the best to make sure your shots are everything they should be.  With flagship camera bodies and lenses, they simply do not make better gear than what is in our studio.  We use Profoto lighting which is made to travel anywhere for any type of shot and is some of the most beautiful lighting on the market.  Our gear with your photos only makes everything better. 
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